G0 was born in 2014 and since its foundation, G0 has relied on highly experienced professionals to provide its clients with high-quality technological solutions that increase their productivity by building tailor-made products. At G0 we not only develop software, we provide comprehensive solutions with products that ensure self-management. We free up time from your human capital so that you can perform more creative and strategic tasks that give your business greater value. 


At G0 we are driven by the conviction of helping people to get more value out of their time and, likewise, of eliminating or reducing all those tasks that turn them into automatons, because we believe that every minute of a person is very valuable to waste. repeating activities that do not take advantage of their potential and consume their life in monotony: If it can be automated, why wear a human being with it.

A pillar for this is the constant technological updating, in G0 we apply formal research models hand in hand with educational institutions, we investigate, create and disseminate, permeating humanity with the need to automate all the tasks that consume and wear out their lives by providing tools highly technological so that they get more value for their time. At G0 we are interested in sharing our way of seeing and doing things.


Our mission is:

    Give people time.

Because human beings are made for things greater than just monotonous and repetitive tasks.

Our vision:

    To be recognized worldwide as a generator of the advancement of computing and Artificial Intelligence towards technological singularity.

Certainly it is difficult to foresee the impact that all advances in science and technology will bring to humanity, but G0 will be in constant preparation not only to assume them but also to generate them, having as a beacon a technological singularity that is benevolent and beneficial for the entire world. humanity.


Our commitment:

    Create technological solutions that improve people's lives, at all times, in all places.

What sustains everything we do:

G0 is creative, integral, transparent and committed in everything it does, to provide innovative, impactful, agile and flexible products, with an always up-to-date team, we give the world the happiness of having their time when and how they like.


Valores de G0